Are you reaching the age of retirement?

Workers born in 1943 to 1954 can retire with full benefits at the age of 66 years. Workers born in 1960 and after have to wait until they are 67 years old. You may request to receive your benefits at age 62. However, your benefit will be reduced by almost 20%.

If you retire at your normal retirement age, i.e. 66 and start getting your full benefits and then go back work, you will not be subject to the social security test for working seniors between the age of 65 and 69. This test was eliminated in January 1, 2000.

However, you are subject to withholding for social security and medicare taxes on your wages. Social security benefits may become taxable if the retiree has other income besides his social security benefit. Please go to and click on Tax Info page to go to the IRS site for more information or contact us for any questions you may have.