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How to check the status of my refund? Where is my tax Refund?

Refunds from IRS are usually processed in 21 days. The status of your refund is available in a day after your taxes are e-filed.  Here is a link to check the status of your refund on IRS:      

How new tax laws can affect your education plans

When the talk of tax reform first began last year, there was a lot of theory about the implications for educational loans and debt. Because students seeking loans, and those already paying on student loans worried that the changes would mean money out of their pockets. Here is what is left intact: American Opportunities Credit […]

Are you eligible for a $1000 child tax credit?

You might be eligible for a child tax credit. This credit is up $1000 per each eligible child. There are seven qualifying tests that have to be met according to IRS.  Age test – The child must be under 17 by the end of 2011  Relationship test – The child must be your child or […]

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